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We are professional plastic parts manufacturer in China. The plastic materials include ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PA 6, PA 66, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, PP, POM, TPE, TPO, TPU, etc. The materials can be customized according to customer’s requirements. We are ISO9001 certified factory and we provide quality plastic parts for our customers.

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Trade Terms

What are Trade Terms?


Payment Terms

What are Terms Of Payment?

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  • Material Requirement

    ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PA 6, PA 66, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, PP, POM, TPE, TPO, TPU, etc.

  • Surface Treatment

    The surface treatment of plastic is to form a surface layer with special properties through physical or chemical methods, such as Painting, Printing, Plating, Laser Carving, etc. If you are not sure about surface treatment of your product, our experienced designers and engineers will help you to choose the surface treatment to have your quality guaranteed and cost effective.

  • Quantity of Order

    There will be discounts offered for a large quantity of order

  • Any Special Requirement

Trade Terms

Payment Terms

Since our product is customized, it can’t be secondary sale.

Expect in very special cases, our payment term is 50% advance T/T to start production, after we complete the production, the 50% balance T/T before shipping. Terms are negotiable with each individual customer.

Experienced In Manufacturing Quality Plastic Parts

Our plastic parts are widely applied in home appliances such as kitchen ware, oven, hot pot, etc. Cosmetic Products such as lipstick tubes, cosmetic containers, etc.

why we’re the best

Professional Workshop

25 Injectioin molding machines which use mechanical hands to automate the production process


We are meeting the requirements of GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 standard.

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We are supplier for famous brand, such as Supor, Joyoung and Midea.

quality plastic parts
20+ Years

With a team of experts and decades of experience, we are quality assurance factory.


Please contact us right away if your products arrive in damaged condition.


We are good at

Bakelite Parts

It is also worth mentioning that we are especially good at bakelite parts. Bakelite product is made with phenolic plastics. Phenolic plastic is well known as thermosetting plastic. It is widely used in electrical insulation materials, furniture parts, home appliance parts and so on. Because of the excellent heat resistance for these kind of plastic. Such as pot lid handles and pot hot body handles are all made by bakelite.

There is
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JIAH is an experienced company in custom molding (Injection molding & Die Casting) and molded parts (Quality Plastic Parts & Metal Parts) manufacturing in China. 

Graduated From University of Adelaide. Worked as corporate account manager in bank for two years. Good at managing and optimizing purchasing activities and processes.
Sales Manager
He started the company from mold industry and he delves into this industry over 30 years. With full experiences in this field, he is very responsible for all the customers.
plastic parts
Responsible for the technical management, superivision and control of production process. He has years of experiences and able to handle the pressure of meeting deadlines.
Production Manager

Our Strengths


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified factory. To ensure the quality, quality inspection are performed everyday in our workshop.


We have a mature industrial chain. We can control your cost at every stage including raw material, manufacturing process, etc.


We work with professional forwarding company. 'Leave Factory On Time, Delivery On Time' is our principle of delivery.


Bakelite Parts


Cosmetic Products

Sincerity and good faith are the most valuable things in business. We want to be your most trusted supplier.

-'JIAH' A Quality Name You Can Trust!
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