About Us

JIAH is an experienced company in custom molding and molded parts manufacturing in China. JIAH has two plants, one is Yuyao Jiaheng Electronics Co.,Ltd which is focus on the production of custom plastic injection molds and plastic parts, the other is Yuyao Huafeng Die Casting Factory which focus on the production of die casting molds and die casting parts including aluminum and zinc alloy parts. The two companies are located together with a total area of 16,700㎡ and situated in the city of Yuyao which is well known as the mold kingdom and the home of plastic.

China (Yuyao) Light Industry Mold City is the first mold industrial estate in China that organized by China Light Industry Bureau and the government of Yuyao during 1995. And China (Yuyao) Plastic City has become the largest professional market of plastic raw material sales, plastic machinery, injection mold construction and plastic product manufacturing.

Our owner started the company by mold industry and he delves into this industry over 30 years. Taking advantage of this rich collection of resources in Yuyao, we have a mature industrial chain. JIAH can offer you a high quality product with the most competitive price. With the help of our mature industrial chain that runs in past 20 to 30 years, we can control your cost at every stage including raw material, manufacturing process, etc.

ISO9001 Certified

The quality management system of JIAH are meeting the requirements of GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 standard.

iso 9001

Our Equipment

They are all internationally advanced automatic machines,
which use mechanical hands to automate the production process.

25 Automatic Injection Molding Machines

15 Die Casting Machines (160T-800T)

40 CNC Machines and Tapping Centers

CMM and Profile Projectors

Market We Serve

Our plastic and alloy products are applied in many industries.

Auto Industry

Rear view mirror supports for cars.

Home Appliances

Kitchen ware, Oven, Hot pot, Washing Machine, etc. Solenoid valve for gas water heater.

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic containers such as containers for facial cream, foundation, blusher, loose powder, etc.

Our Location

Yuyao Jiaheng Electronics Co.,Ltd

10-11 Xiamiaoshan Road, Lianshuxia Village, Simen Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China

Real Manufacturer

Our Factory

Have a Project on mind?

If you have a product or even an idea of a product that need to be made. The product design is the first step towards mature product. JIAH offers a complete turnkey solution for our customers. We have a mature team with skilled mold designers and engineers to turn your creative ideas into a workable design as the next step toward manufacturing your custom molded products.


Please reach out to us for more information.

We are capable of mass production. After your custom mold is produced, the sample will be made and mailed to you. After your confirmation, we will manufacture your custom parts right in our workshop. We strictly control each stage of production to ensure the quality of your products. We sincerely treat every single customer whether is big customer or small customer.

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